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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 18, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PST

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>> this morning on the kron4 morning nils. to chp officers killed after early morning car crash near fresno. we will tell you about their bay area ties coming up. >> take a live look outside at our mount tam cam. we will have your tuesday morning weather forecast coming up. >> good morning. it is day, date i'm james fletcher. >> and im anny hong and >> we are waking up to partly cloudy conditions and
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we do have high clouds the arm will be dead. that will limit the formation of frost. we will not have any issues with this ability and everyone is working up to the 40's. 41 degrees for fairfield. 44 right now in oakland. upper 40's along the coastline. by 7:00 a.m. we will see similar conditions. by 3:00 p.m. you can expect temperatures to be mainly in the upper 50's to mid 60's. by 8:00 p.m. we are looking at a slight chance of rain pripet anything that we cease out of the golden gate bridge, we're talking about sprinkles at best. plenty of 60's for today 62 degrees for concord and 59 degrees will be your high for san mattel. >> satellite and radar shows the cover that is coming in and the moisture to the north but we're not
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expecting anything significant. the seven day are around the bay shows a little chance for tomorrow morning and pass that the warming trend, there is a blockade that pattern for temperatures to continue to rise in fact we may see low 70's by early next week. >> the traffic around the bay area is okay we're not monitoring a hot spots. if the bay bridge is moving well from all approaches. the me realize are off but they will increase in volume compared to yesterday. over the san mateo bridge you are good to go in both directions the drive time is 12 to 13 minutes. the golden gate bridge has a hint of fog. we have very quiet conditions. we are accident free with no delays. >> our top story this morning-- law enforcement throughout
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the state of california are in mourning after two highway patrol officers were killed in the line of duty. officer brian law and officer juan gonzalez were killed in an early morning crash near fresno yesterday. here's a photo of the two. officer juan gonzalez on the left. and officer brian law on the right. they are the 13th and 14th c-h-p officers from the central valley to be killed in the line of duty in the history of that office. >> both officers started here in the bay area. one in oakland, and the other in san jose. yesterday, they were driving to a collision along highway- 99, near kingsburg, when they struck a guard rail trying to avoid hitting any victims of the crash. reports out of the central valley say, the two officers moved there at the same time. they worked the same shift, and quickly became the best of friends. kron 4's justine waldman spoke with those in the east bay - where officer brian law got his start. and where he is being remembered as someone always willing to help.
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>> in 2012 there was a people behaving badly segments and his love for the jobs tried again. it is the same passion that his fellow officers always remember the most. >> after he graduated from the academy in 2008, he worked at the chp oakland office for five years before he transferred to fresno to be closer to his family. he tells me that he was called him to the ranks and treated him like an equal. >> he was always with late to help our. he was that guy, he would not be afraid to help even though you were a rookie. >> the chp officers wear a black band and morning to remind how dangerous this job could be. >> we always have to keep this in the back of the
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mind. we want to make sure that others try. >> the chp say goodbye to a fellow officer that know that his grieving family also needs love and support. >> we are hoping that the community remembers them and for them to keep them in their hearts. >> he leaves behind a wife and three children. he was 34 years old. >> justine waldman kron 4 news. >> officer juan gonzalez is being remembered fondly by south bay. gonzalez was assigned to the c-h-p's san jose office on junction avenue, for much of 2010 and part of 2011. his partner for much of that time, was officer ross lee, who had just completed his training. >> lee says, officer gonzalez was his mentor in those days-- and that the two worked side by side, often working the same detail in the same patrol car. during the graveyard shift. we asked officer lee to share his memories. >> he was a great worker, he
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was very knowledgeable and smart. i remember personally learned things from held and the ability to respond to is a or any type of investigation. to really take the time to develop affirmation instead of jumping to conclusions. he was very calm, i never saw him lose his temper. it was just a good guy all wrong. >> officer lee stayed on in san jose and works there today. while his former partner moved on to the assignment in the central valley to be closer to his extended family. return to index of >> officers killed-oncam
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governor jerry brown today issued a statement regarding the deaths of c-h-p officers. brian law and juan gonzalez: it says in part. that he and his wife quote - "extend their deepest condolences and sympathies to the families, friends and colleagues. as they mourn the tragic loss of these dedicated public servants" >> coming up on the kron 4 fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one side says they're getting a lot of money -- that may be true but it's just to cover their costs >> winter not over yet another rbig storm is headed their way before spring-- and the ice and snow is causing more than winter fatigue-- its starting to affect the economy a's and other is asking for
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the public's help in looking for leads in the murder of his teenage daughte father is ae public's help in looking for leads in the murder of his teenage daughter. >> we will be right back. here is a live look outside from the san mateo bridge.
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>> the c-h-p and the parks department. involved in a pursuit along the golden gate bridge. it happened right around 8 o'clock last night.
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the c-h-p says. officers were chasing two people who were caught burglarizing cars in the marin headlands. when a ranger tried to stop one of the people caught.two people jumped into a black mercedes and drove away. they ended up smashing into two park ranger service cars, and then crashed on the golden gate bridge. and ran away. officers are searching from the fort point area into the residential areas of the presidio for the two. >> every day about 58- thousand cars pass through the golden gate bridge toll plaza. those without fastrak get a bill in the mail. if they do not pay, they are fined, and there have been reports that officials are seeing a financial windfall from those fines collected. bridge officials are denying these reports. >> add the end of the year we are expecting to see about 1 to 2% of these toes to be collected from tow violators. this is set up to
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the cover rio violators is not setup to make money for set up >> drivers without fastrak have 21 days to pay the six- dollar toll. then you get a fine of 25 dollars, plus the toll. another 30 days and the fine goes up to 70 dollars, and the d-m-v will not renew your registration until it is paid. >> a police dog helped arrest a domestic violence suspect over the weekend in san leandro. police stopped 31-year=old charles fryer for allegedly riding his bike without safety lights on david street. after giving his name to police, fryer took off on foot and ran through several yards in the neighborhood. officer started a pursuit, and that was when a k-9 unit joined in. fryer was found by the k-9 unit hiding in a tight crawl space beneath a house fryer was wanted for outstanding arrest warrants, including a domestic violence charge. >> three men have been arrested in connection with a fatal stabbing in hayward. the stabbing happened during a fight on saturday morning in a parking lot on b
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street. the victim was in his early 20's. two of the three suspects also suffered stab wounds as a result of the fight. police are also trying to figure out if the stabbing was gang-related. >> in santa rosa, demonstrators once again took to the streets-- demanding what they call 'justice' for andy lopez. about a hundred people participated in the demonstration on monday, which was organized by the group called "andy's youth." demonstrators want the attorney to bring criminal charges against sherrif deputy erick gelhaus-- for the deadly october shooting of then 13 -year-old andy lopez. they also want the santa rosa police department to release its report on the >> live in the weather center we have high clouds that are moving in however, i will talk about the chance for a north bay sprinkle on the return.
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>> welcome back. another
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storm is heading for the east coast today and this time it could leave up to 6 inches of snow in some areas. the national weather service says snow in new york, new jersey and connecticut should fall until early this afternoon before heading to the gulf of maine. temperatures will be above freezing and should move up to the 40s to mid-50s for the rest of the week. some iowa farmers got quite a surprise when they looked outside their window. these aren't snowballs, they're snow rollers. the wind helped form hundreds of the mounds, after a light snowstorm. meteorologists say the snow rollers are rare. >> and the u-s economy may be the next victim of severe winter weather. in the federal reserve's most recent report, factories' output and production decreased in january. the fed says severe weather in certain u-s regions is partly to blame. but some economists believe the recent change was caused by underlying issues and not the weather. still, cold weather had some positive impacts. utility consumption rose as american's demand for heating increased.
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>> you can see that this is impacting the mid atlantic. currently there is a lot snow falling for coastal areas like made. we will be talking about a dusting for areas like washington and philadelphia. that may see a up to 6 in.. about an inch or less than that for some of the metropolitan areas. we are talking pretty mild conditions for the bay area. working a to fairly clear skies. this will limit the formation of any fog. >> the temperatures in certain spots are warmer than 24 hours ago. although vallejo reach the upper '30's for four degrees right now in hayward and san francisco was very mild to 50 degrees. a lot of people are headed back to work today the this afternoon you can expect temperatures--
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fairfield will have a high of 66 degrees. later on tonight the calls will continue to mold and the temperatures will be in upper 40's, low 50's. we're looking at a slight chance of showers. any thing that falls will be light and nature. >> here is your 7 day around the bay. expect a small chance of sprinkles early tomorrow morning and we should be dry for the rest of the week in fact the temperatures will start to climb. plenty of sunshine for the weekend. by next weekend, monday we are talking low 70's. we may remain dry for the rest of the month. this is something that i will continue to monitor. >> the traffic around the base is a great eye for you to leave your home because there are no hot spots. you may encounter areas of overnight construction. there may be lane closures
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but it generally wraps up about 5:00 a.m.. over the san mateo bridge your good to go in both directions with no problems. no issues at the golden gate bridge although we have a sense of fog traffic is still light. the rich december fell bridge is currently a problem free. >> over to the traffic maps, the drive time is 13 minutes, down the shore freeway between hercules in berkeley. as we focus on westbound 580 you can see that the speeds have dropped below 43 1/5. >> chiebelow 30 mi..
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>> it has been five years since the stimulus act was signed into law. president obama signed the bill just weeks after he took office. the american recovery and reinvestment act of 2009 was designed to respond to a severe recession and sky rocketing unemployment. it came at a price tag of around 830-billion dollars and received little republican support. vice president joe biden is expected to mark the anniversary of the stimulus in a speech tomorrow in illinois. >> senators rand paul and mitch mcconnell of kentucky spent presidents' day announcing five new hemp projects for their state. hemp was banned in kentucky in 1970 but was approved as part of this year's farm bill. in an op-ed, senator paul said it was "a thrill" to be able to resume industrial hemp farming in his state. the projects are part of a bigger effort to boost farming in the appalachia region of eastern kentucky. >> don't have to go to a museum to get a look at historical u-s documents. you can access many items from the comfort of your own home.
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and it's thanks, in part, to the historical society of pennsylvania. here's a look at how the organization gets the documents online. >> this covers all of american history. this is one of those rare treasures. this is the printer's proofs of the declaration. our goal is to engage people into history and to present material and away that is acceptable. >> we have a preservation lab here, with process and catalog documents pripe. we keep them in good condition. we
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make it possible for people to see them. we are involved in a lot of history projects that take place. people can really explore the documents have a history best to arouse them. >> army resources are essential to understanding history. this is not something that most people have immediate access to. >> this allows us to be available to a broader audience. the beauty, the high-definition resolution allows you to assume men all on hand writing to see them crossing of the word. try to figure out what that word is. this allows him to that
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says you can't compare them. if you go back and you look at it you understand that there was a person behind it these letters and those letters have, to underpin our daily lives. just about every aspect of what we do. >> if you cannot literally come here, you can look at it on your computer screen. >> >> ten people are now reported dead in the roof collapse during a college orientation in south korea. officials believe the weight of snow and water caused the roof of an auditorium to come down. more than 100 people have been injured. the building was filled with
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university freshmen attending orientation. a disaster official says nine of the dead were students. >> many fear rising tensions will result in violence today during demonstrations in venezuela. pro- and anti-government activists are holding dueling protests in the capital caracas. on monday, anti-government activists attacked security forces. the competing demonstrations came one day after president nicolas maduro's government gave three u.s. embassy officials 48 hours to leave the country. maduro claims they were supporting opposition plots to destroy his socialist administration. the u.s. denied that. >> we will be right back.
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>> the number of u.s. soldiers forced out of the army because of crimes or misconduct has more than tripled in the past several years. the number of enlisted soldiers forced out for drugs, alcohol, crimes and other misconduct shot up from about 56-hundred in
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2007, to more than 11- thousand last year. >> owning a car, a computer and a t-v maybe great things to own but *could negatively impact your health. an article published by the canadian medical association journal reports, people who owned all three items tend to sit more and move less. researchers took data from more than 150-thousand people in various countries. of those, people who owned a car, a computer and a t-v, had a 31- percent decrease in physical activity. 21- percent also had an increase in waist size of almost 4- inches. the study's lead author says, this could foreshadow serious health problems in developing countries. return to index of stories... >> it's shaping up to be a battle much like the one fought by the state's wineries. this time it's about olive oil. the california olive industry says european olive oil filling u.s. shelves often is mislabeled and lower-grade oil, and they're pushing for more federal scrutiny.
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one congressman-farmer even goes so far as suggesting labels on imported oil should say "extra rancid" rather than "extra virgin." stricter standards might help american producers grab more market share from the dominant europeans. maligne >> coming up on the kron 4 news. the san francisco giants are in scottsdale for spring training. why manager bruce bochy is saying that he is or to take it slow with his pitchers this coming season. >> at a local woman under arrest accused of the unthinkable. murdering her mother. we have a live report coming up after the break. >> this is a live look out
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of san leandro where there are reports of an officer involved shooting.
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>> we're coming up on 4-30. here are the big stories we're working on for you this morning. the two california highway patrol officers killed when their squad car flipped as they headed to an accident site were good friends and partners who trained together. the chp says officers brian law and juan gonzalez were responding to a multi- vehicle crash yesterday when they swerved to avoid a person in the road and lost control of the vehicle. the two officers graduated from the chp academy in 2008. >> 15 people in san jose are without a home. after a 2- alarm fire in the 26- hundred block of othello avenue. firefighters went on the attack but had to pull back for a short time because of a gas leak. pg&e was able to come in and cap that gas line and fire crews were able to extinguish the fire >> and it seems like everything east of the mississippi is covered in snow. forecasters say the latest storm could leave up to 6 inches of snow in some areas, but it won't last long.
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the national weather service says snow in new york, new jersey and connecticut should fall until early this afternoon before heading to the gulf of maine. temperatures will be above freezing and should move up to the 40s to mid-50s for the rest of the week line at we are tracking your bay area weather forecasts. >> most of the active weather will stay on the east coast. there is it sprinkle in the north bay but looking at the extended model we will remain dry. we have a ridge of high pressure that will bring warmer temperatures but it will keep the right out of the area. here's a look at temperatures right now. it is a back to work tuesday it for a lot of us. 44 degrees out the door for oakland. for the afternoon we anticipate plenty of 60's so will be a fairly mild day. mountain view will have a high of 63 degrees. 66 over in san jose and low 60's to
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the san ramon valley. 64 will be your high for fairfield. the temperatures will stay in the upper 50s all coastline and also will be three months that with a high of 64th. high clouds are qantas free men. going to st men. the temperatures will declinstreet again. >> the traffic all around the bay, some of these cash lanes the traffic stops and there are a lot of people who are get there early start perry ed i checked with chp of the metering lights are currently off. if your headed to the san mateo bridge, they have a small increase in volume on the right hand side of the screen. to the golden gate bridge, there is a sense of fog and as we take a live
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look at the rich december fell you will see a lot of space between cars. >> happening now, an officer involved shooting in san lorenzo. will tran is live from the scene. >> we know that it is a fatal officer involved shooting that happened a couple of hours ago. it looks like they're wrapping up their effort because the crime lab just pulled then and there are focusing on this house right here on the corner. officers are walking in and out and we do not have any informational the suspect involved. you kids see a car on the corner and officers are focusing on that. we're trying to but for all of exactly what happened and the officers apparently have been here before i could tell you that the spokesperson for the sheriff's department is in
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route it will have a live interview coming up. >> we will come back to you throughout the broadcast. >> a fairfield father is pleading with the public to come forward and help track down the killer of his 16 year old daughter. naomy rojas was shot to death saturday morning. a memorial sits a long a small stretch of railroad track in fairfield where the body of the 16 year old was discovered. her distraught father and other family members came by the site to pay their respects and to try and make sense of the killing >> i will never see her walk again to my house. >> we believe that there were other people out there with her at the time, at one point. we have not heard from them and we would like for them to come forward so that we can answer many or as not all the questions.
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maligned >> her father says that naomy was a good girl who had fallen in with a bad crowd. he says she was thinking of moving to arizona for her senior year. >> bail has been set at one- million dollars, for the martinez woman suspected of killing her own mother. the body of the 74 -year old mother was found late sunday afternoon. kron 4's j.r. stone was in martinez with latest >> detectives were searching for evidence. lasted 24 hours after authorities filed the body of 74 year- old. as to what happened the police would not say they did state that the daughter, 53 stated that she killed her mother and wanted to turn herself said. >> they were not the model people. >> she is now behind bars. many neighbors were not surprised when this officers here on sunday. robbins at
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this home. >> the sergeant stated that she has been arrested several times. >> drug use, bizarre behavior, we hours of the night doing things. tearing apart the deck. >> it is unclear whether wearing masks, they have not said how long the body had been inside and they stated that they're not sure if drugs were recovered. >> this is definitely something that has ruffled the feathers of the neighborhood. >> she is sitting behind bars at the contra costa jail, her belt is that- that's will face a judge later this week. >> there stong crawford knows.j.r. stall kron4 mills. s
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>> police say the body found burning at a park in oakland is a white woman in her the body was found at redwood regional park saturday night. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. the case remains an active homicide investigation, though authorities have not ruled out the possibility that it was a suicide. police have found no evidence of foul play. they are still working to confirm her identity. >> skyline high school in oakland will be closed to students and staff tuesday for gas line repairs. a contractor attempting to repair a leaky gas line ended up rupturing the line on monday. pg&e had to shutdown service to the school, but no other customers were affected. the school will have staff on hand directing parents and students in case they show up because they are not aware of the school closure. classes are expected to resume as normal on wednesday >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. giants in scottsdale, arizona for spring training the team is hoping tim hudson will start and be able to mentor the other young pitchers. they're also hoping for better production out of 2012 mvp buster posey who struggled some in the 2nd half last season.
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also hoping for a rebound season. pitcher tim lincecum manager bruce bochy says he wants to take it slow with his pitchers >> sometimes you can be over empty.. we want them to work themselves in shape and stay away from any setbacks. we want them to build strength. work on their locations. >> the giants open their spring training schedule against >> kaepernick keeping busy in the offseason. today he co-hosted the "hall of game" awards show with. panthers quarterback cam newton. on the cartoon network. both performed that duet of katy perry's "roar" and performed a number of scripted gags on each other the best one was probably when newton pretended to glue kaepernicks arm to his mouth after asking him to perform his "kaepernicking routine"
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>> the warriors stephen curry was up for the "captain clutch" award but lost out to of all people the seattle seahawks richard sherman. >> in a survey of 51 nfl players. 44 of them. or 89- percent. said they'd be fine with having a gay teammate. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick weighed in on michael sam. who will probably be the first openly gay player in the nfl next season. >> i think when he steps into the locker room, everyone will know that he is there to help win games. that is why he is in there to help when days. no one cares if you are black,
4:42 am
white, gay, christian, jew is, what ever it may be. when you step on that field you are a 49er. the >> the 49ers are rumored to be the tip of the may draft him. . >> coming up on the kron 4 news. justice of your response from the husband of a woman who now claims to have counted 22 murder victims before she says she just not keeping track. we will have a shot and the jailhouse interview coming up.
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>> foster city smokers might soon have some new rules to follow, as the city is considering whether changes should be made to its smoking ordinance, which hasn't been updated in 18 years. a study session is being held feb. 24 to encourage an open dialogue on the matter and to allow residents to weigh in on what changes they think should be made, according to city officials.
4:45 am
the study session will take place feb. 24 at 6:30 p.m. in the foster city council chambers, 620 foster city blvd. no action will be taken at the meeting, but the feedback will help city officials direct staff on how to craft a smoking ordinance to be considered by the council at a future date. >> garbage rates for the city of richmond are expected to double. richmond city council is meeting today. they say the rates are going agt between the city of richmond and richmond sanitary service. >> the s-f-m-t-a board of directors is meeting today to discuss possible fee hikes and new revenue sources. adult fares on muni could go up 25 cents in 2015. there have also been talks of establishing a "peak hours" fare for muni and bart. return to index of stories... >> road crews in new haven, connecticut, are trying to clear out as much snow as they can before the next round of snowfall hits. the city has put in place a weeklong parking ban on some city streets to make it
4:46 am
easier for crews to remove piles of snow. the ban started this monday morning and ends sunday. the next round of snow is expected to hit the city this morning. >> winter weather created headaches for people trying to get around in parts of minnesota on monday. check out the scene in saint paul. you can see snow blowing in the wind and covering the roads. the winter storm dumped up to six inches of snow on some places in the area. state troopers say they responded to 157 crashes statewide yesterday. and they say the mess forced 266 other cars to spin out or drive off the road. conditions were bad enough in some places that the minnesota department of transportation asked people to stay off the roads. >> let's find out about the weather around the bay. >> right now, we have high clouds that are moving in. we are waking up to pretty cloudy conditions. you will notice that the temperatures
4:47 am
are actually a little bit warmer compared to 24 hours ago. vallejo has struggled to the upper '30's. 50 degrees for san francisco. we will see an increase in cloud cover pretty mild conditions in most locations. we do have a slight chance for a north go later on tonight. wicked of tomorrow morning that slight chance will carry on. dry weather as we look ahead. was it warming trend with temperatures are approaching the '70s. let's focus on the afternoon highs. some of their will have a high of 67 and mountain view will be having a high of 63 degrees. the temperatures are mainly in the upper 50's, low 50's. san francisco was checking in with a high of 59 degrees. oakland will have a
4:48 am
high as 64 degrees. >> here is your 7 day around the bay, you will notice warmer weather on the horizon and dry weather, plenty of sunshine and we may be in the '70s by early next week. >> the traffic around the bay we are currently hot spot free. we did receive reports of an accident at the bay bridge toll plaza. the number 10 lane was affected. at the san mateo bridge, we have no problems or delays in the drive time is just 12 minutes. >> as we take a look at the richmond center fell bridge, very calm and the ride has a lot of space between cars. the traffic is still backed up coming out of all to my past. the area of yellowish or espy's to dipping down to 50 mi. per hour. are dipping down to 50
4:49 am
degrees. yesterday, public transit had a holiday schedule but everyone is back on time. no delays for ac transit, bart, or easa strain. malignea straace train. >> the attorney for trayvon martin's family is reacting to the verdict in the "loud music" trial. a jury convicted michael dunn of attempted murder. but the jury deadlocked on the murder charge against him in 17-year-old jordan davis' death. attorney benjamin crump is among those outraged. >> when you think about these verdicts. when you kill an unarmed black child, you don't go to jail, but when you shoot and you miss attempted murder on the other occupants on the car you get held accountable. marissa alexander a blame female in jacksonville
4:50 am
florida she shot a warning shot on the ceiling. she says stand your ground and she was convicted for 20 years. what message are we send something don't miss? is that what stand your ground law means? don't miss? if you miss, you get off. if you kill a young black man, you go home, that's just troubling. >> prosecutors in the dunn case say they'll seek a new trial for the murder charge. dunn faces 60 years in prison for the attempted murder convictions. >> a woman claims to have killed 22 people before she just stopped counting her victims. police say miranda barbour and her husband found a man through craigslist and killed him for the thrill of it. cnn's andrew spencer reports her new claims have surprised some people and made skeptics out of others. i suspected killer claims that she killed her first victim when she was 13. >> we're still gore to up hold together. >> he stated that he went to
4:51 am
middle school with her at the time she started killing. >> it is a weird filling to a bit of hurt other life. >> police believe that she used a craigslist companions add to nor a 42 year-old to his death just because they wanted to kill someone together. both of them have entered pleas of not guilty. she opened up in a jailhouse interview claim that she killed 22 people, on monday, her husband was also forthcoming. >> do you fix is being honest? >> who is to say. >> the thing she is a lie? >> i would not say that. >> do you think she is telling the truth? >> did not put words in my mouth. >> this is a young woman who is and a lot of trouble, is to rationalize her behavior. >> she watches a lot of tv,
4:52 am
police are looking into it. >> at this point, we are contacting various states and federal agencies to request assistance to get the ability of these accusations. >> we will take a break. coming up on the kron4 new is. a reality tv show breaks a guinness world record by defying gravity in an unusual way. >> here's a live look outside from our mount tam cam.
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>> we told you about thousands of people becoming americans for presidents' day-- now reports are that three-thousand americans renounced their citizenship and gave up their u-s passports last year. that's triple the average for the previous five years, according to an analysis of government data. it appears taxes might have contributed to the spike. unlike most countries, the u-s taxes citizens on all income, no matter where it is earned or where they live. and filing taxes is getting more complicated. one expert says reporting taxes can be so difficult that expats are often forced to seek help. and that can add up to thousands of dollars. >> reality t-v personality rob dyrdek set a guinness world records title in gravity defying backwards auto stunt. in valencia, dyrdek-- best known for his reality t-v series "rob and big"-- and also a former professional skateboarder drove a car backwards and jumped it 89 feet and three-and -a - quarter inches to set the world record for a reverse car jump. take a couple more looks, giunness was there to varify the record. they presented dyrdek with a certification plaque.
4:56 am
and the car also goes into the guiness record book >> and check this out-- this is just-released video that shows what can happen when a bus driver loses control. it happened in boise, idaho -- last month. you can see the bus run off the road and take out light poles and trees. the video was captured on the dashboard of the bus. the camera goes to black before the bus hit a building. investigators charged the driver with negligent driving. they say he was driving drowsy. one passenger on the bus suffered minor injuries. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news at 5-- we will have the latest on
4:57 am
the two chp officers were killed in the line of duty. >> 15 people are without a home after a fire in san jose. >> this is a live look out of san lorenzo, where there are reports of an officer involved shooting. we will be right back. ♪ nehersy's spres.
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brg the de'e ♪ -es. th n herey's spads, ♪ thpossibilits ardelious.
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align the top stories that we're following. >> we are learning more this morning about the two chp officers who were killed in the line of duty. both of them with bay area ties. >> there is a in debate on the toll of fees at the bay bridgegolden gate bridge. is the
5:00 am
money creating a windfall for bridge officials? >> good morning. i hope your having a good tuesday. >> we will begin the hour with the weather. >> as we take a look at temperatures right now there are off to a pretty mild start. a lot of people are at 47 degrees. 50 degrees currently in downtown san francisco. similar weather by 7:00 a.m. but we will see more high clouds by 3:00 p.m.. by 8:00 p.m. we have a slight chance for rain and was still a satellite and radar, we have activity north of the california border. i will have more detail your chance for rain and 7 day around the bay coming up. >> the traffic around the bay, we did have an accident
5:01 am
impacting no. 10 and 11 of the toll lines but they have been cleared. the rest of the bay is seeing light traffic. >> happening now, an officer involved shooting in san lorenzo. here is where it happened. kron4 will tran is live at the scene with the details. >> i will show you the home, they're focusing on this home here. the crime lab has arrived to the scene. there is concern with the sheriff's office that this is in fact a fatal shooting that happened overnight. we're not sure what the circumstances are but i can tell you that there was a car that was pulled over and they're focusing on that. this is basically the corner and it happened overnight right around midnight or so. you concede this area has been taken
5:02 am
over by the sheriff's department. we're still waiting for the spokesperson to arrive at when he does, we would try to get a live interview. this neighborhood has been taken over by the sheriff's deputy. it does not appear that the fatality or the death of behind the shooting involved a police officer but it appears to be the suspect. >> the time is 5 02 a.m.. law-enforcement drop the state of california are in morning after two highway patrol officers were killed in the line of duty. it is a store that was first brought to you yesterday morning. officer brian law and officer juan gonzales were killed in the early morning crash near fresno. here is a photo of
5:03 am
the two. they are the first officers a from of the fresno chp office to die in the line of duty since 1962. >> gonzales and law were driving to a collision along highway 99, and there keansburg, when this work to avoid a person of the road. investigators say that their squad car hit a guardrail and struck a the pili of a freeway exit sign pretty killed both officers. both officers started here in the bay area. when oakland, the other in san jose. reports out of valley say, that the two officers moved there at the same time, that worked the same shift, and quickly became the best of friends. >> stay with kron4 for continuing coverage. for more on the the store you can visit our web site coming up to 5:30
5:04 am
a.m. you will hear from colleagues who knew the officers and what they are remembering today. >> 50 people have been displaced by 2 alarm fire in san jose. the fire started just after 6:00 p.m. yesterday. firefighters arrived at the house and it was fully involved. a second alarm was quickly called because the fire was started other holes. firefighters attacked the fire the best that they can, but had to pull back because of a gas leak. >> no one was hurt in the fire, but a family dog was killed. firefighters said no one of the house heard the smoke detector. >> now to a developing story. there are reports that officials with the
5:05 am
golden gate bridge district are seeing a financial windfall for collecting toll fines. right now, drivers with fasttrack get a bill in the mail to get on to the bridge they have 21 days to pay the $6 toll. if they do not pay, they get a fine of $25. another 30 days of the final goal to $70, and the department of motor vehicles will not renew your registration until it's paid. bridge officials deny the report and they say that their seen as surplus from those fines. >> every day about 58,000 cars pass through the toll plaza. >> coming up on the kron 4 news. turbulence in the sky.
5:06 am
how a united flight turned tense for passengers on board as they were about to land. >> if there are problems born on in ukraine. we will have updates coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. get 10% off all in-stock composite decking at lowe's. ♪
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>> welcome back. skyline high school in oakland will be close to students and staff today for a gas line repairs. a contractor attempting to repair a leaky gas line ended up rupturing the line yesterday. pg&e had shut down service to the school, but no other customers were affected. the school will have staff on hand direct comparison students in case they show up. >> three men have been arrested in connection with the daily stabbing in hayward. the stabbing happened during a fight on saturday morning in a
5:10 am
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5:13 am
align welcome back. we are monitoring the snow storm that is hitting the east. this one is from the new york city area and some of the servers are picking up about 6 in.. in central park this morning, new york city they have snow that is coming down. as far as storms coming, this is the 4 tickets no yvette to hit new york city this season.14th snoww york this season. >> the time is 5:13 a.m..
5:14 am
>> we are waking up to high clouds and it was mostly clear this morning but the high clouds are moving in and that will ruin the formation of any fog. with that increase, the temperatures are not too bad. most locations are in the 40's. vallejo dropped to the upper '30's. 44 degrees right now in hayward and a little bit warmer coming out of redwood city. for the afternoon, by 3:00 p.m. you could expect pretty cloudy conditions. there are a few breaks of sunshine. the temperatures are mainly in the '60s for this afternoon. 64 degrees for oakland. livermore will have a high of 62 degrees. >> by 8:00 p.m., most locations will be in the upper 40's, low 50's all this cloud cover will stick around. it really just is
5:15 am
one of the anticipation of a sprinkel, not a huge rainmaker. here is your 7 day around the makbay malate sunny skies and a warming trend early next week. >> the time is 5:15 a.m.. >> we continue to watch a pretty good righde. here is your westbound bay bridge approach. they have no backup for delays. the san mateo bridge, highway 92 is looking good. the commute coming west of the toll plaza out towards the
5:16 am
bay. the san ramon valley is down to 16 minutes. the south bay freeway has just a little bit of a delay. >> there is developing story out of the ukraine. we have new video out of keiev,
5:17 am
classes' are going on between the opposition and police outside of the parliament. demonstrators are demanding constitutional reform that would reduce president viktor yanukovychs power spirit the protesters are closer ties with the west, the government has been pushing for closer ties with russia. the clashes are happening as a session to talk about government changes was delayed, and two days after protesters left the government building that were occupied following the release of several jailed activist. >> classes' and thailand capital today have left three people dead, including a police officer. officers said 57 people were injured. police used tear gas and live ammunition to disperse protesters in bangkok. demonstrators have been trying for months to force prime minister to resign.
5:18 am
>> and 10 people are now reported dead in the roof collapsed torticollis orientation and south korea. officials believe that the weight of snow and water caused the roof of an auditorium to come down. morgan 100 people have been injured. the building was filled with university freshman's attending orientation. a disaster officials say that nine of these dead were students. >> five people were said to the hospital following severe turbulence on a united airlines flight from denver to montana. the incident happened yesterday afternoon when the plan was getting ready for landing. airline officials said that the injured were three crew members and two passengers. many passengers said they were glad to have landed safely the say it is something that will never forget. >> adenitis oaks person says that the capt. declared a
5:19 am
medical emergency as the boeing 737 approached and billings. >> the time is 5:19 a.m.. coming up on kron 4 news. a new investigation into the bridge scandals to run the new jersey gov. chris cris thhristie. >> here's a live look outside from our van ness boulevard. will be right back.
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
align welcome back. >> it has spent three years as a devastating blast like in san pavel damaged seven homes. remarkably, there is no definite word when the problem will be fixed. kron4 charles clifford has more.
5:23 am
>> it has been almost three years since his landslide damaged portions of this community. this is video from march of 2011. here's how it looks today. who is responsible for fixing this problem is still open question. there is a lot a rambling between the city and residents. for the time being pipes are keeping water off the hillside to permit this from getting worse. >> charles clifford kron 4 news. >> sampras's go slow " first responders are being honored today. ashbery club will hold a ceremony at the sir francis drake hotel. some attending include san francisco supervisor malia cohen, surer for sheriff ross
5:24 am
mirkarimi, fire chief joe and hayes-white and police chief greg suhr. >> com watching wall street, this morning, investors are wondering whether stocks will rally after a long holiday weekend. the markets were closed yesterday for president's day. the stock market closed out to its best week of the year on friday. also today, the federal reserve will release minutes from january's interest rate meeting. >> a new investigation is being launched into the traffic scandal plaguing new york--new jersey gov. chris christie's administration. that head of the port authority of new york and new jersey ordered an investigation into the actions of the agencies to police. it comes following
5:25 am
reports that officers told frustrated motorists who were stuck in traffic to complain to the mayor for fort lee. several lanes were closed for days in september on the busy george washington bridge near fort lee. this created gridlock traffic. some state officials are suspected of organizing the traffic mess to punish for these mayor for not endorsing christie and his reelection. christy says that he had no knowledge of any political scheme. >> the olympics spoiler alert. four times olympic medalists and julia mancuso failed to finish the first leg of the giant slalom tuesday, skiing out fewer than 10 dates from the end of the last event. the american who lives in squaw valley up in tahoe, says she
5:26 am
will now rowlock competing at the next winter olympics in 2018, which she will be 33. mancuso won the gold and giant slalom in 2006, a pair of silvers in 2010, and it runs in the super combine the last week. no other u.s. woman has won more the two alpine medals. the only one in the event that is left of this is scheduled is the slalom, and the u.s. ski team said mancuso will not enter that race. >> you would not expect a two leg to what and a fluffy chickens to become best friends. but these are not your ordinary pence. an animal lover in georgia adopted the chicken first, her name is penny. then came roo, who gets around using a
5:27 am
wheelchair th mwholwheatoas♪ wita da of lt, one loveou mt ♪ over the weekend. the search is on for her killer. >> just one day after holding--idling president's day, more americans are leaving their duets citizenship behind. >> here's a live look outside from the james lick >> here's a live look ove bn clitinlearor 6days k at t m lergs, evy daof maln for ntinus rief. at t m lergs, 28ays conni
5:28 am
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>> welcome back. the time is 5:29 a.m.. we would not get another look at the traffic. >> right now, we are waking up to very mild conditions. overall we are in the 30's. most locations are currently in the 40's. upper 40's for downtown san francisco. into the afternoon it will be pretty mild expect cloudy conditions. concord will only reach a high of 62 degrees. the temperatures will remain in the upper 50s. sunnyvale will have a high of 64 degrees. later
5:30 am
all we're looking at it 20% chance of sprinkles. a chance will continue into early wednesday morning. woman weather will be on tap for thursday. i will have a full look at your forecast coming up. >> is a pretty good ride but we are expecting a return to normal traffic flow. we're starting to see this at the bay bridge. traffic is building for the morning commute. the quick commute check shows a pretty good conditions are ramos of the bay, the east bay freeway is still lighter than usual. the south bay peninsula, the north they ride is problem free. >> we will now go to our developing store with an officer of all shooting in san lorenzo. kron4 will tran is live to sing with details. >> we have no information to pass along. this started at 10:30 p.m. last night.
5:31 am
there was a college this home when paramedics arrived they went inside and that were trying to free a man, when he was sent the ambulance he became combative and a call for backup. the alameda police department, deputies arrived and that is when the man went back inside the home, they were fearful and that is when they decided that they would go back inside the home and that is when they get into a confrontation with the men and according to is spokesperson, what they were inside searching, at 10:45 p.m. he came out of nowhere with a baseball bat and he hit one of the officers and the officer, the impact was so hard that it disabled the gun, there other officers who were involved in the home and in fact here is
5:32 am
someone with the alameda police apart left to let us know exactly what happened. >> i just spoke about how we're officers came inside the home of a sudden he came out with a weapon. >> when they decided to go where, when that research in the home, he came out of a heated area, struck the sergeant with a baseball bat, he hit him and arm, he attempted to hit him again, they fired and optimally, he was killed. >> the know his name, his history with the police department? >> we will release his name but as of right now were on the way into the corners and do their job. we have been to this house of 19 times since 2011 for different reasons. >> was there anybody else in the hole at the time? >> nope. everyone was gone. it was just the suspect and
5:33 am
the deputies. >> do you know how many times your officers fired? >> i am not sure at this point, that will be a part of the investigation. >> what kind of medical condition the have? >> i am not sure initially, this was a fire and medical call first. he became combat of with the fire department and the paramedics and that is why they called us. that means that they were in pretty dire needs. we got here, he had already came out, what back as a home and we are concerned about his medical condition. >> i think everyone had bulks and bruises but everyone else seems to be okay. >> we are talking about eight hours later critic is the investigators are still here. you just heard him state that they're not want
5:34 am
to release his name right now and they will wait until the coroner's office. one officer was hit and that is when they fired at the same time. >> one of the other stories that we are following involves law enforcement, mourning the loss of two chp officers who were killed in a line of duty. these officers were killed in an early morning car crash. these are photos of both of them. they were first officers responding and they are the first since 1962 who were shot. they were driving to way collision when they swerve to avoid a person in the row and that is when they lost control of their bioko. investigators stated that their car hit a guard rail. both of them started
5:35 am
here in the bay area. what in oakland, the other as san jose. the two of them moved to the fresno area as the same time. the work to the same shift, they became the best of friends. >> those solaces bed remembered by his colleagues in the south bay. he was assigned to this offers in 2010. his partner was officer roughly who had just a finished his training. he stated that he was his mentor and the worked side by side often work in the same detail. >> he was a great worker, he was very knowledgeable in smart. i remember personally that i learned a
5:36 am
lot from him. the ability to respond to is saved and how to slow things down a bit. he took the time to develop information without jumping to conclusions. he was a very calm, i never saw him yolose his temper. >> officer lee stayed on and he did work today. >> chp officers are also remembering right in law. he started in the open office and he leaves behind a wife and three children. after five years in oakland, he transferred to the fresno office to be closest is family. officer lot as they remembered as a stand-up guy, he loved sports and fitness. >> he was always there to
5:37 am
help you well. he would not let should draw on yourself and paperwork, he helped you out. that is what i remember the most. i want to make sure that his family is taken care of. >> also i was just 34 years old. chp officers are all wearing the black, mourning ribbons over their badges. >> the time is 5:37 a.m.. here is a live look outside from the approach to the bay bridge. right now pleasanton is at 42 degrees with a high of 62 degrees this afternoon.
5:38 am
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the bigger story to tell you about in the caribbean this morning. it was a magnitude 6.5 earthquake and struck north east of barbados. here's barbados. yet into pr and florida just to give you a reference. the report's code of any damage or injuries and they're saying about 107 mi. northeast of barbados and considered so strong there's no damage is surprising. the last aren't struck-the earthquake pressure up the eastern
5:41 am
caribbean was less struck by a powerful earthquake in 2007 when a magnet to 7.41 center just northwest of martinique's coastline severely damaged some buildings on the island. >>: >>darya: a fairfield father's plea with the public to come forward and help track down the killer of his 16 year-old daughter. naomy rohas was shot to death saturday morning. memorial sits on along small stretch of railroad track in fairfield where the body of a 16 year-old was discovered. her distraught father and other family members can buy the site to pay their respects and to try and make sense of the killing. >>: we do believe there were other people around her at the time. that her father says that she was a good
5:42 am
carol who have fallen in with a bad crowd. he said she was thinking of moving to arizona for senior year. >>: coming up it's a story you'll only see all kron4. a carjacking attempt and the most unlikely place and it's all caught on tape. . i'll show you in the next edition of people behaving badly on the kron4 morning news.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
bad news this morning for fans of singer david crosby. he has canceled his shows at the great american music hall in san francisco later this week after having her surgery to fix the blocked coronary artery. the 72 year-old as expected to make a full recovery. those san francisco shows have now been moved to april. crosby also plans to perform with the group crosby, stills and nash starting next month. >>: 545 is the time. we told you about thousands of people becoming americans for presidents day, now reports are that 3000
5:46 am
americans renounced their citizenship and give up their u.s. passports last year. that's triple the average for the previous five years according to an analysis of government data. it appears taxes might have contributed to this fight. unlike most countries, the u.s. attacked the citizens of all income no matter where it is turned or where they live. and filing taxes is getting more complicated. one expert says reporting taxes can be so difficult that expats are often forced to seek help. and that can add up to thousands of dollars. >>darya: with a check of weather and traffic. erica? >>erica: lot of people heading back to work today following the holiday. we are looking at temperatures predominantly in the forties. everyone definitely above the freezing mark. later on tonight, looking at perhaps the chance for a north bay sprinkle that will carry on into early tomorrow morning and past that, we of
5:47 am
looking for dry conditions. in fact, a warmer trend will carry us into the weekend. but before we get to your extended forecast the let's focus on their highs for today. plenty of 60s in the south bay. 64 your height and campbell. it's going to be little cooler in the east bay. in fact moving through some upper 50s and san ramon valley. upper 50s along the coast line 3 oakland today checking in at 64 in santa rosa today with a high of 62. so, high clouds will be and to the bay area for it a chance for a sprinkle for the north bay later on this evening. nothing really to significant impasse that, just looking at dry weather, plenty of sunshine and yes, you read that right '70s by monday. the time now to 747 here's george. >>george: over starting to see things back up and normalized after the commute of the holiday. here in the bay bridge toll plaza your westbound rifling and that the cash lanes. on the
5:48 am
left side of right side of the toll plaza. fasttrack users are still without electorate in your ride to 92, the salmon to bridge looks good here. the volume is definitely building up westbound of the drive times are still just 50 minutes. the golden gate bridge commute looks great. when all was southbound street lights and the north bound direction. 14 minutes hercules to berkeley. still less will commute. we think of a little bit slowing now added to the drive time. 28 minutes westbound on interstate 580 as or picking up slow traffic through the altamont pass. but the south bay freeways here still look good. the problems in the north bay ride. when one southbound is without delays. heading down for marin county. your drive time is under 25 minutes from a bottle down to the golden gate bridge.
5:49 am
>>: >>darya: thanks george. if this is a store with the following up for some time now. a woman claims that she killed 22 people before she lost count have surprise to people. but others are saying they're skeptical of miranda barbour who is accused of killing a man with her husband. barbour also claims that killed her first victim was used as 13 years old. she says she lost count after 22 deaths. but some people believe for claims about being so young are just a ploy to get a lesser sentence. and i honestly believe we have a woman whose and a lot of trouble to read she needs to reap a rationalize her behavior. but she watches a lot of tv as she made a lot of it up to possibly get an
5:50 am
insanity plea. >>: police believe that she and her newlywed house views the craigslist companions and to lure 42 year-old troy a falsgrttsts to his death. both have pleaded not guilty. they told police they just wanted to kill someone. >>: here stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >>stanley: this man and a beige jacket a surrendering after a failed attempt to commit a crime. right smack in the middle of the bay bridge but i wanted to pay attention because this is video you'll only see on kron4. that often, things are not what they appear. at first glance, it looks like a minor fender bender on the lower deck of the bay bridge. >>: what is, is a carjacking attend as an ordinary citizen stepped in to help the cabdriver. the man on the phone and a plaid shirt is one of those ordinary
5:51 am
citizens. in fact, he is on the phone with 911 operators. >>: standing at the door is the owner of the cap tried to keep his cap from being stolen. inside, sitting in the driver's seat according to the california patrol is 34 year-old ambrose charles walker the third. this entire series of events was recorded by yet another ordinary citizen who wishes to remain anonymous. ambrose tried to rob the cabdriver and when that failed to climb into the front to steal the catch. witnesses driving on the bridge saw what appeared to be a tussle going on inside the cab not realizing what had happened. this process went on for about two minutes all the while ambrose looking to see if the pleas are arriving. and then you hear some yelling. on the ground. and ambrose and a cap on our continued to wrestle, until finally the carjacker leaves the car with his hands raised in the air.
5:52 am
>>: hey get on the ground. but now i know what you are thinking. the police have arrived, well did you notice there were no sirens? that's because the person yelling get it on the route was another ordinary citizen played a game of bluff and it worked. he tried to steal your cap? he tried to rob me and still my cat. then, later you didn't hear the sound of sirens from the highway patrol and the san francisco police. will then take the suspected carjacker to jail. where he now sits charged with carjacking his bill is $100,000. woodson's he didn't have that--cab fare, there is a pretty good chance he doesn't have built. in san francisco, stanley roberts kron4 mills. >>: >>mark: the giants starting spring training in scottsdale. tim hudson will
5:53 am
start and hopefully to the other young pitchers after the six seasons with the athletics than nine seasons with the braves. buster posy 2012 mvp struggled some in the second half last season for it to lincecum, trying to bounce back from a second straight subpar seasons and bruised by chief--bruce bocyhy, saying he wants to take a slow with his pitchers. but it's about working relocation building up your strength. >>: the first preseason game is next wednesday against the a's. the last preseason game up our here in the bay area and is the athletics march 28th through 33 giants start the season with seven road games. the first home game april 8th against the d backs. we'll take a quick break on the kron4 morning news. dropping a base is in a big deal normally but what if it's worth a million dollars. anny hong will have it's worth a million dollars. anny hong will have that story coming up. th mwholwheatoas♪
5:54 am
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bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
5:57 am
it does on a florida artist is facing charges for dropping a base valued at $1 million. if all that was caught on camera. if deck electric guitar reportedly told police he destroyed the space in protest at the exhibit of on highway way of a chinese dissident artist. you could hear a security guard telling the guy to put the base down street apparently, that was upset because only international are to shot at the galleria and that local artists are not supported. what's ironic is his previously destroyed basis as part of his work. his been charged with criminal mischief which could lead up to five years and perhaps present. since soft soft
5:58 am
♪ [ mom ] time for breakfast. [ male announcer ] mary larson will never forget the fateful morng that deliciously simple made her a believer. she couldn't believe she could pronounce everything int. ♪ and she couldn't believe her daughter chose pancakes over her phone. you're being weird! [ male announcer ] new deliciously sile from i can't believe it's not butter with 100% taste and zero artificial preservative
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